Derek Gladwin

I’m a writer, speaker, and teacher committed to exploring critical and creative transformations in culture and society through environmental and arts-based education. As an Assistant Professor, I work in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia. I’ve previously held invited visiting fellow positions at the University of Edinburgh, Trinity College Dublin, National University of Ireland (Galway), and Concordia University (Montreal).

As a writer, I’ve authored or edited the following books: Gastro-Modernism (forthcoming), Ecological Exile, Contentious Terrains, Unfolding Irish Landscapes, and Eco-Joyce. My most recent book Rewriting Our Stories: A Path to Reducing Fear discusses how we can rewrite and reprogram our stories to resist the paralyzing fear and anxiety many of us feel in our lives. Later in 2019, I will be hosting a related podcast titled Rewriting Our Stories. It explores culture’s pivotal transitions and possible futures with well-known international thinkers, artists, and teachers.

I’m also a career and life coach, giving talks, hosting webinars and workshops, teaching online courses, and working with people individually. This part of my work focuses on rewriting individual and collective stories in our careers and relationships, drawing on emotional intelligence, intuition, and creativity. It also addresses environmental stresses that increasingly affect how we function our daily lives.

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia (Coast Salish Territories).

Please use the contact form below for speaking and writing queries, or working with me individually.