My teaching includes higher and secondary education, as well as private online courses.


My teaching background of over 20 years has predominantly been in higher education. Both in the classroom and through distance learning online, I have taught at institutions including University of British Columbia (Canada), Waterloo University (Canada), Concordia University (Canada), Portland Community College (U.S.), and California State University (U.S.). I have also taught at the high school level, adult education, online courses, and through invited workshops and

Online Courses

In addition to working with people on Narrative and Writing Coaching, I host workshops and teach online courses about rewriting our individual and collective stories in our careers and relationships (among other areas) using emotional forms of intelligence, such as intuition and creativity.

In 2020-21, there will be some courses available. Here’s the first in a series of courses:

  • Embracing Fear and Rewriting the Script (5 week online course)

Other lectures, talks, and events can be found on my