California State University, Chico

Courses Taught

English 258, World Literature, focuses on the study global literature from a variety of cultures in the twentieth century (both written in English and translation). Students explore themes of inter-textuality, borders, gender, space, and postcolonialism within a range of works that demonstrate cultural diversity around the globe.

English 240, Introduction to Literature, develops reading skills by introducing various critical approaches to literature. Students look into the major principles of various critical theories and put them into practice through reading works of fiction, poetry, and drama written in different countries during the twentieth century. While going over each critical approach, students explore a literary work’s origin and development in the cultural context in society, examine the sample texts and related controversies, and compare our interpretations with those of other critics.

English 262, Major American Authors: Toni Morrison and William Faulkner (Teaching Assistant) – Students intensively study themes, histories, and style of two major authors in American literature.

English 441, Shakespeare (Teaching Assistant) – Students are introduced to Shakespeare’s principal plays, his art, his age, and his critics.