Overview and Brief Teaching Philosophy

I have taught a range of university and college courses (both in the classroom and through distance learning online) at University of Waterloo (Canada), Concordia University (Montréal, CA), University of British Columbia (Canada), Portland Community College (a four-district college with over 100,000 students in Oregon, U.S.), and California State University, Chico (U.S.). These courses include material that ranges from British, Irish, American, Canadian, and World Literature in all historical periods, to composition, rhetoric, film, visual culture, international studies, and environmental literacy. Courses and descriptions can be accessed in the following pages or through the links above. I have also taught at an alternative high school for disadvantaged youth, an adult education program for marginalized populations, and an English as a Second Language school for international students. In addition to teaching, I have served on many university and college committees, developed curriculum for departments, and organized workshops and speaker events.

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My teaching broadly stems from two principles: encourage students to develop their own voice and listen to what they have to say. I approach teaching and learning with the understanding that cooperating with other thinkers and acknowledging various learning styles enhance the process of critical enquiry. In this way, I teach from the foundational assumption that communication is a social, dialogic process that allows us to gain knowledge and critique ideologies within the complex fabric of societies and cultures. The same commitment to interdisciplinarity and diversity that propels my research also informs my teaching approach.