Edited Journal Issues

Irish Environmental Humanities

  • Co-edited with Maureen O’Connor (University College Cork)
  • Canadian Journal of Irish Studies 41.1-2: 2017
  • Contributors: Christine Cusick, Kieran Keohane, Yvonne Scott, John Patrick Montaño, Nessa Cronin, Lucy Collins, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Eamonn Wall, Drucilla Wall, Ed Maddon, Catherine Kasper, David Ray Vance, and Anthony Haughey.

The aim of this special double issue of the Canadian Journal of Irish Studies is to gather a range of disciplinary perspectives from various international scholars about recent developments of environmental humanities in Irish Studies. Rather than relying solely on a more distinctly literary approach like ecocriticism, this special issue addresses how many other disciplines (visual culture, film, history, archaeology, social sciences, and geography) in addition to literary studies are responding to environmental threats and challenges in contemporary Irish culture. In addition to eight critical essays with dozens of images, this special issue also includes some eco-poetry and a photo essay about Ireland’s ghost estates.